Big Privacy: Bridging Big Data and the Personal Data Ecosystem Through Privacy by Design


If personal data is the “new oil” of the Internet, then Big Data is the “machinery” that runs on it. Like our dependence on fossil fuels, Big Data’s current consumption of personal data is not sustainable. Individuals require privacy; their personal information must be protected in new and bigger ways. Introducing Big Privacy, a sustainable ecosystem for personal information in Big Data environments.

Big Privacy is Privacy by Design writ large. It is the application of the 7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design, not only to individual organizations, applications, or contexts, but to entire networks, value chains, and ecosystems, especially those that produce and use Big Data. This paper defines the 7 architectural elements of Big Privacy and illustrates how they apply the 7 Principles of Privacy by Design to the unique challenges of Big Data environments through the Personal Data Ecosystem. The paper also offers a case study of how the elements of Big Privacy are being implemented using the OASIS XDI protocol by the Respect Network and its alliance of 36 companies and organizations.

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Author:Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., Information & Privacy Commissioner Ontario, Canada and Drummond Reed, co-founder and CEO of the Respect Network,
Date Published:December 5, 2013

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