Landmark Resolution

A landmark resolution by former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, was approved unanimously by the international Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Jerusalem at their annual conference in 2010.

The resolution recognizes Commissioner Cavoukian’s framework of Privacy by Design – which ensures that privacy is embedded into new technologies and business practices, right from the outset – as an “essential component of fundamental privacy protection.” The resolution, which was co-sponsored by Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart and Commissioners from Berlin, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, and Estonia, also:

  • Encourages the adoption of the principles of Privacy by Design as part of an organization’s default mode of operation; and
  • Invites Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners to promote Privacy by Design, foster the incorporation of its 7 Foundational Principles in privacy policy and legislation in their respective jurisdictions, and encourage research into Privacy by Design.

View the resolution.