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Privacy by Design Ambassador Program Ending Dec. 31, 2015

Over the past five years, the ambassador program has recognized the contribution of individuals and organizations from around the world who have joined with us to encourage a proactive approach to the protection of privacy. We would like to extend our gratitude to all ambassadors for advancing this important work. The appointment of our new […]

Web Analytics Platform Launching on January 5

On January 5, we will be implementing a privacy-protective web analytics platform called Piwik. This program will be hosted on our website and will be used to record non-identifiable information about your site visit. The data collected will be stored on the IPC web server and will not be shared with Piwik. We will also take this […]

How Microsoft’s Cloud Enables Privacy by Design for MPAC

Privacy by Design (PbD) is an approach to protecting privacy by embedding it into the design specifications of technologies, business practices, and physical infrastructures. In this video used by Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, Farbia Anderson, CIO and VP of Information Services at MPAC talks about their recent transformation to a public and private […]

Ann Cavoukian and Christopher Wolf: Sorry, but there’s no online ‘right to be forgotten’

This morning’s National Post features an op-ed written by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian and the founder and co-chair of the Future of Privacy Forum think tank Christopher Wolf commenting if a recent European Court of Justice judgement requiring Internet search providers to remove links to embarrassing information should also be applied to Canadian […]

Privacy Policies Are Not Enough: We Need Software Transparency

This article originally appeared on Privacy Perspectives, the blog of the IAPP. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) intermediate our transactions and lives. How are we to trust the many devices, sensors, operating systems, apps, modules, APIs, platforms, ecosystems, clouds and other networks that surround us and collect, process, share and retain so much personal data? […]

De-identification – an essential tool for protecting privacy

TORONTO, ON (June 25, 2014) – As technological advances make it easier to collect, retain, use, disclose, and leverage personal information for a wide range of secondary uses, the need to protect privacy becomes more important than ever. Strong de-identification of data, prior to its use or disclosure for secondary purposes, is one of the […]

Respect Network Launches World’s First Global Private Cloud Network

June 23, 2014 marked the official launch of the Respect Network, the world’s first global private network of personal and business clouds. Since being founded in 2011, the Respect Network has built a coalition of 70 Founding Partners that focus on areas such as commercial, cloud service providers, consulting, development, ecosystem, integration, non-profit, and verification. […]

It’s a Myth! Don’t Believe That De-identification Doesn’t Protect Privacy– It Does!

TORONTO, ON (June 16, 2014) – Properly applied de-identification is an effective tool to protect privacy, but recent criticisms have suggested the opposite. The perpetuation of this myth has the potential to adversely impact health research, innovation and Big Data insights. In order to address the misconceptions surrounding de-identification, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. […]

You Can Have It All: Privacy Embedded Into Innovation Will Achieve Big Data Success!

TORONTO, ON (June 10, 2014) – Moving organizations forward by using Big Data analytics to unlock new insights and protect personal information in tandem is achievable by taking a proactive approach — by implementing the principles of Privacy by Design, neither innovation nor privacy need be sacrificed! In order to demonstrate the successful deployment of […]